Advanced Colour Matching

Advanced Colour Matching Technique featuring TANtails

Colour Me Bronze is introducing our Advanced Colour Matching Technique® to be used in conjunction with our spray tan solution range.

Our Advanced Colour Matching Technique® enables you as a spray tanner to select a colour that is suitable both to the clients’ skin tone and desired outcome for their tan.  It also allows you to be able to mix the Colour Me Bronze solutions to create TANtails™ to get the correct base colour and depth required. No other tanning range has the ability to be able to do this.  Our solutions are specifically designed to mix and match different base solutions.  The ingredients in our solutions enable our base colours to combine… just like mixing paint…  The amount of TANtails™ you can achieve with depth and tone by using our spray tan solution range is huge.

Our solutions range consists of:

  • Colour Me Flirty – Green based solution – 10%
  • Colour Me Cheeky – Blue based solution – 12%
  • Colour Me Spicy – Red based solution – 14%
  • Colour Me Risqué – Chocolate based solution – 15%

Below is a table of the main mixes you can achieve with our solution range. These examples are mixing equal parts of each solution.

Solution 1 Solution 2 Mixed Base Colour DHA %
Colour Me Flirty Colour Me Cheeky Aqua 11%
Colour Me Flirty Colour Me Spicy Brown 12.5%
Colour Me Flirty Colour Me Risqué Black 12.5%
Colour Me Cheeky Colour Me Spicy Violet 13%
Colour Me Cheeky Colour Me Risqué Deep Violet 13.5%
Colour Me Spicy Colour Me Risqué Deep Red 14.5%


There are actually a total of 22 colour variations that you can mix. The remaining colours will be taught in our Advanced/Contour tanning course.

These additional mixes give us a variation of the depth/tone of colour enabling us to get the correct shadings when contour tanning.